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COVID-19 Update

IBBS Grant Review Panel

A grant review service for IBBS faculty and by IBBS faculty

The IBBS has assembled a panel of 13 faculty who have volunteered to provide feedback on draft grant applications from their IBBS colleagues. The panel will accept NIH grant applications from all IBBS faculty, as well as foundation grant applications from junior IBBS faculty.

Grant review process:

  • Six or more weeks before the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Office of Research Administration (ORA) grant submission deadline, the applicant emails the grant title/abstract, internal deadline, study section and preferred reviewers (download list below) to
  • The panel chair assigns two reviewers, and schedules a date for submission of the completed grant and a date for the review meeting. Applicants who would like feedback on the 'Specific Aims' portion of the grant before submitting the completed grant can request it directly from the reviewers.
  • Three or more weeks before the ORA deadline on an agreed upon submission date, the applicant emails the grant application (Word format) to the reviewers and the reviewers read the grant and prepare a summary review (NIH format).
  • Two of more weeks before the ORA deadline, reviewers meet with the applicant to share reviews and suggestions.

The committee encourages all applicants to respect this timeline to allow for enough time for revisions before final submission to ORA. They also request that applicants inform the panel of the application's final outcome. The committee aims to make this process as user-friendly and helpful as possible and they welcome suggestions. Please contact Geraldine Seydoux if you have any questions.

Download reviewer list

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