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Tobacco-Testing Process

Tobacco Testing Process for Employees Receiving Johns Hopkins Health Care Benefits

A component of Johns Hopkins Medicine’s five-year Strategic Plan is to actively support a healthy workforce, as outlined in the people priority. Last fall, participating entities of the Johns Hopkins Health System, including The Johns Hopkins Hospital, The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians, Johns Hopkins HealthCare, Johns Hopkins Home Care Group, Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Suburban Hospital, Sibley Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, implemented a voluntary tobacco testing program for employees who elect benefits through the various Johns Hopkins participating entities — EHP, CareFirst and Kaiser. This policy is directed toward Johns Hopkins Health System employees, not Johns Hopkins University employees. For further clarification about Johns Hopkins University benefits, please visit

As part of the enrollment process for health care benefits, a Johns Hopkins Health System employee may voluntarily consent that they do not use tobacco products and agree to be tested for tobacco use. Those who take the test and pass will receive a $20 pay credit toward their health insurance premiums for 2020.

Please note: The Johns Hopkins Health System (JHHS) is currently in the process of changing tobacco testing vendors. More information will be provided in the coming weeks.

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