Cancers and Precancerous Conditions We Treat

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We provide world-renowned gynecologic cancer care. In addition to our expertise in diagnosing and treating cancer, we provide a clinical to treat people at high-risk for ovarian, fallopian tube, uterine and other gynecologic cancers. This includes people with a personal or family history of premenopausal or male breast cancers, multiple family members with breast and ovarian cancer, multiple family members with either colon or uterine cancer, and those diagnosed with BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, Lynch syndrome, endometrial hyperplasia or complex ovarian masses and borderline tumors. 

Gynecologic Cancers We Treat

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Precancerous Conditions We Manage

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Advanced Benign Gynecologic Conditions

People with noncancerous gynecologic conditions also turn to the Kelly Gynecologic Oncology Service for comprehensive care. Our surgical expertise has brought relief for many patients suffering from benign pelvic masses, advanced stage 4 endometriosis and complex fibroids. We treat people who may be high-risk surgical candidates, including those who have had previous abdominal surgeries and those who are morbidly obese.