Women's Bladder Cancer Program

At the GBCI, we strive to care for all patients touched by bladder cancer. While statistically, bladder cancer is more often diagnosed in men, women are also diagnosed with bladder cancer, yet we realize there is not adequate attention focused on women with bladder cancer and their unique needs, and we aim to change that.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Armine Smith, urologic surgeon, and Dr. Jean Hoffman-Censits, a urologic oncologist, and their supportive staff and colleagues, the GBCI has established among the first Women's Bladder Cancer Program in the country for those women who prefer to be seen by an all-female team. The Women's BC program is located at the Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, a Johns Hopkins affiliate. In addition to offering a Multi-Disciplinary Clinic for women with bladder cancer who prefer an all-female team, Drs. Smith and Hoffman-Censits also collaborate extensively on research relating to bladder cancer in women, disparities in care and diagnosis.

Patients can request a visit with the Women's Bladder Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team by contacting [email protected].

The GBCI has also partnered with Sibley Memorial Hospital offering a virtual monthly Women's Bladder Cancer Support Group for women diagnosed with bladder or urothelial cancer. Patients meet others going through similar experiences and gain support and friendship. The group is led by the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital’s Center for Patient and Family Services genitourinary oncology social worker, Samantha Rockler LCSW. The monthly Bladder Cancer Support Group - For Women Only, meets on the 1st Thursday of every month from 12 -1 pm.

To join, contact Samantha Rockler at [email protected] or 202-537-4105 for more information and to register. (Samantha will provide you with the Zoom information).

Resources for Women with Bladder Cancer

Women and Bladder Cancer: a Five-Part Webinar from BCAN

Presented by Drs. Sima Porten, University of California San Francisco and Jeannie Hoffman-Censits, Johns Hopkins University