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The Office of Women in Science and Medicine (OWISM)

Barbara Fivush, MD - Associate Dean for Women in Science and Medicine

Joanne Drake, Senior Admin. Coordinator

The Office of Diversity and Cultural Competence (OD&CC)

Chiquita Collins, PhD -
Associate Dean for Diversity and Cultural Competence

Susy Meyer, Senior Admin. Coordinator

Professional Development and Career Office (PDCO)

Patricia Phelps, PhD - Director
Gaelle Kolb, PhD - Assistant Director

Brittni Griffin, Admin. Coordinator

Talent Management and Organization Development (TMOD)

Kathy Forbush - Senior Director

Carolyn Cook, Program Coordinator

Professional and Personal Development

The School of Medicine and the university provide a wide range of professional and personal development programs and services to meet the variety of ongoing development needs of the School of Medicine faculty. Brief descriptions, links to websites, and contact information for these programs are provided in the document below.

Learn more about Professional and Personal Development.