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Ear, Nose, Throat, Audiology, Allergy and Dermatology. Experts Practicing Throughout Maryland. Woman getting a neck exam from a physician

As a member of Johns Hopkins Regional Physicians, ENTAA Care is committed to improving the health of our patients by providing exceptional, quality care to adults and children experiencing disorders of the ear, nose, neck and throat, as well as hearing, balance, allergy and skin issues.

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Services We Offer

We provide care for a range of health conditions, from ENT (ear, nose and throat) to neck, balance, allergy and skin issues.

  • ENTAA Care’s staff of experienced allergists offers allergy testing and treatments for people whose symptoms do not respond to medications.

    Allergy treatments include:

    • Allergy immunotherapy
    • Allergy shots 
  • ENTAA Care’s audiologists offer patients the best available hearing health care along with the latest in hearing loss treatment and technology. The team provides the following:

    • Hearing exams, including Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response, Electrocochleography, Otoacoustic Emissions, Central Auditory Processing Evaluations
    • Hearing Aids
    • Custom Ear Molds
    • Tinnitus and Hypercusis Program

    If you would like to learn about possible financing options for hearing aids, please check with your provider.

  • ENTAA Care’s dermatology specialists can help prevent, find and treat skin cancer, as well as help address other skin conditions, including:

    • Acne
    • Rosacea
    • Eczema
    • Psoriasis
    • Hair Loss
    • Warts
  • We help find relief for your symptoms of ear-related problems, including:

    • Ear Infections
    • Ear Pain
    • Perforated Eardrum
    • Hearing Loss (we offer cochlear implants and bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA))

    If you would like to learn about possible financing options for hearing aids, please check with your provider.

  • We assess your concerns and provide effective, medically advanced treatment options for lasting relief from conditions such as:

    • Sinusitis (we offer in-office balloon sinuplasty)
    • Nasal Fractures (we address both appearance and function)
  • We provide a range of diagnostic and nonsurgical and surgical treatment services for many conditions of the head and neck such as:

    • Head and Neck Masses
    • Thyroid Gland Disorders
    • Salivary Gland Disorders
    • Voice Disorders
    • Larynx Disorders
  • If you are concerned about your child’s tonsil or adenoid problems, an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat specialist) can assess symptoms and offer treatment options.

  • Chronic cough can be a symptom of several different conditions. Our experts work together to diagnose your chronic cough and develop the right treatment plan.

  • ENTAA Care’s Balance Center offers balance testing, vestibular rehabilitation, fall prevention and other treatments for patients experiencing balance disorders, including:

    • Benign Positional Vertigo
    • Ménière’s Disease
    • Vestibular Neuritis
  • ENTAA Care’s Voice and Swallowing Center has an expert team of speech-language pathologists trained to help patients with voice or swallowing disorders by offering the following services:

    • Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)
    • Videostroboscopy
    • Swallowing Therapy
    • Voice Therapy
    • Evaluation and Treatment of Dysphagia
  • Our sleep specialists are trained to evaluate the cause of snoring and offer treatments ranging from oral appliance therapy and surgery to CPAP.


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Patient Resources

The following forms and other information can be helpful in preparing for your appointment or recovering from a procedure. Feel free to download relevant forms. Our friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have before your visit.

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