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Program Year 4 Residents


Derrick Ashong, MD

Derrick Ashong, M.D.

Medical School: Emory University
Undergrad: Yale University
Activities/Hobbies: Listening to music, reading classics, playing guitar, working out, watching or playing sports, spending time with friends and family
Home State: Oklahoma
Why Hopkins: I chose Hopkins for the chance to work with a unique patient population, the friendly Emergency Medicine faculty and staff I met on my interview day, and Hopkins' tradition of excellence in medicine. As an added bonus, the fourth year FAST program provides a rare opportunity to delve into topics I enjoy in Emergency Medicine.

Kevin Chung, DO

Kevin Chung, D.O.

Medical School: Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine
Graduate: Columbia University
Undergrad: University of California San Diego
Activities/Hobbies: Traveling, the outdoors, playing golf, basketball
Home State: California
Why Hopkins: The history of strong academic excellence combined with an environment that allows you to reach your full potential. The program has it all:  a diverse hospital with great pathology, great mentors, strong residents, and the FAST program that allows you to explore your interests within EM. I was also very impressed with the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the faculty and residents during chairman's hour on my interview day.  

M. Weldon Diana, MD, MBA

M. Weldon Diana, M.D., MBA

Medical School: University of Virginia School of Medicine
Graduate School: University of Virginia Darden School of Business
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Activities/Hobbies: Running, anything outdoors, all sports, spending time with friends
Home State: New York
Why Hopkins: I chose Hopkins because of the mentorship available from the amazing faculty and because of the limitless opportunities, both clinical and non-clinical, that the program has to offer. I also love the structure of the FAST program and the diverse patient population that the city of Baltimore has to offer.

Alan Hsu, MD, MPH

Alan Hsu, M.D., MPH

Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania
Activities/Hobbies: Travel, eating, photography, being outdoors
Home State: Delaware
Why Hopkins: The diversity of the clinical training, great people, and the opportunity to find my niche.

Devin Keefe, MD

Devin Keefe, M.D.

Medical School: Boston University
Undergrad: Tufts University
Activities/Hobbies: Photography, cycling, fly fishing, snowboarding, home brewing, home cheese-making
Home State: New Hampshire
Why Hopkins: I chose to train at Hopkins because of its reputation for excellence in patient care, diverse patient population, commitment to research, and for the opportunity to learn from the renowned faculty.

Debra Ravert, MD

Debra Ravert, M.D.

Medical School: University of Maryland
Undergrad: University of Washington and Towson University
Activities/Hobbies: Cooking, reading, knitting, spending time with friends and family
Home State: Washington
Why Hopkins: There were a lot of reasons! The supportive atmosphere and evident camaraderie between residents and faculty, the acuity and volume of patients, the excellence and variety of off-service rotations and the unique, customizable FAST program.

Naveen Reddy, MD

Naveen Reddy, M.D.

Medical School: New York University School of Medicine
Undergrad: University of Florida
Activities/Hobbies: Travelling, biking, reading, and spending time with good friends and family
Home State: Florida
Why Hopkins: Best set up for a fourth year in EM, getting to work with world class physicians and residents within the ED and on off-service rotations, and taking care of a diverse patient population with all the great resources Hopkins has to offer. 

Nicholas Risko MD, MHS

Nicholas Risko M.D., MHS

Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine
Undergrad: Bard College
Activities/Hobbies: Soccer, guitar, banjo, capoeira, relaxing with friends, all things outdoor!
Home State: Massachusetts
Why Hopkins: There are many strong programs out there, but only Hopkins has the perfect mix of world class mentors, beautiful facilities, and a great city for EM training. All of this alongside the friendliest, sharpest and most compassionate ED team anywhere. 

David Rose, MD

David Rose, M.D.

Medical School: Rutgers New Jersey Medical School
Undergrad: University of Colorado at Boulder
Activities/Hobbies: Tennis, soccer, skiing, the beach, piano, and traveling
Home State: New Jersey
Why Hopkins: Hopkins has it all! They have incredible academics with world class teaching, research, and opportunities. The residents, faculty and staff are friendly, warm, and inviting. The facilities are outstanding and the program provides different hospital experiences (community, academic, county). Their curriculum has no fluff, and incorporates the FAST program creating a focus in EM.
Baltimore is a great city and provides a diverse patient population with a large breadth of pathology to learn from.

Nicholas Sauber, MD

Nicholas Sauber, M.D.

Medical School: The University of Toledo College of Medicine
Undergrad: University of Toledo and Medical College of Ohio
Activities/Hobbies: Home remodeling, carpentry, electrical work, watching super hero movies and rough housing with my boys, Boy Scouts, camping, disaster preparedness, swimming, playing video games with my buddies, and trying new beers.
Home State: Ohio
Why Hopkins: This place is amazing. I spent time working in EMS and the military prior to medical school, and the fellowships and opportunities at Hopkins are unparalleled.  These guys have the fun and chaos of austere medicine down to a literal science. The faculty here have done things that have only dreamed of doing in medicine. All the residents I've met have done incredible things but manage to stay down-to-earth. Also, the sickest patients from around the world come here for care. What more could you want?

Daniel Savage, MD, MPH

Daniel Savage, M.D., MPH

Medical School: University of Illinois College of Medicine
Undergrad: Xavier University, OH
Activities/Hobbies: Running, car camping, coffee drinking, baseball, reality TV
Home State: Illinois
Why Hopkins: I chose Hopkins because of the FAST curriculum, the diverse patient population, the great pediatric exposure, the tremendous number of highly regarded faculty members available for mentorship and the strong focus placed on teaching. I was also blown away by the all of the knowledgeable, well-rounded, enthusiastic and empathetic residents that I met!

Scott Sutherland, MD

Scott Sutherland, M.D.

Medical School: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Undergrad: Johns Hopkins University
Activities/Hobbies: Biking, eating, gaming, reading, and running
Home State: Pennsylvania
Why Hopkins: I chose Hopkins for the diverse patient population, unique FAST program, and dedicated faculty and staff.