Didactic Curriculum

One unique feature of our program is that our PA residents regularly perform advanced procedures such as intubations, central lines, arterial lines, and lumbar punctures on rotations.

Didactic instruction of the program includes features such as: 

  • EM Physician Residency Conference: these weekly five-hour conferences consist of lectures and small group sessions on core EM topics and the latest evidence-based medicine and research in the field. 
  • Independent study: using monthly reading assignments & ROSH review questions. 
  • Simulation Lab: Sim time is dedicated solely to our cohort, focused on our PA residents' real-time education.  
  • Airway Workshops: multiple times per year.
  • Clinical courses: offered in protected educational time:
    • Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS)
    • Advanced Burn Life Support (ABLS)
    • Fundamentals of Critical Care (FCCS)

Capstone Project:

In their last six months of residency, residents are required to complete an administrative or clinical project of their choosing, with approval of the program directors. This project can be focused on research, quality improvement, education, patient safety, emergency department operations or patient care. This project should fulfill the goal(s) of advancing the EMPA field, improving the department, advancing patient care, or furthering the education of the staff and residents. 

Examples of past projects include: 

  • “Departmental education about human trafficking” 
  • "Creation and Implementation of a PA Ultrasound Bootcamp Course for Staff and Resident EM PAs.” 
  • "PA Residency Resource Manual” 
  • “PA Resident Graduation Portfolio” 
  • “Dentistry in the ED: Dental Blocks, Evaluation of the oral cavity and temporizing treatment”