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Prohibiting Discrimination by Patients Against Employees

At Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM), we are committed to providing health care in a manner that respects each patient’s right to be an active participant in his or her treatment. Adhering to high patient care standards is a priority, and we are also committed to protecting faculty and staff members, residents, postdoctoral fellows and students from discrimination by patients/health care decision makers. With this goal in mind, a new patient discrimination policy went into effect March 1, 2020, for all Johns Hopkins Medicine employees.

To help you understand and communicate the policy to your team members, see the following:

  1. Policy Key Points Document
  2. How to Respond to a Patient’s Inappropriate Request for a Provider Preference Infographic
  3. Prohibiting Discrimination Policy PowerPoint
  4. Prohibiting Discrimination by Patients Against Employees Policy
  5. Policy Webinar Recording
  6. MyLearning FAQ and Key Points for Staff

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