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Academy of Clinical Excellence

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    Featured ACE Member CLOSLER Articles

    An initiative of the Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence, CLOSLER is an online journal for health care professionals and trainees to reflect on giving exceptional care to every patient.

    • Helping Patients Practice Healthy Habits

      By: Sajida Chaudry, M.D. | Imagining a healthier lifestyle is the first step toward wellness. You can then help patients to make small changes to their daily routine.

    • Curbside Care

      By: Marianne Fingerhood, C.R.N.P. | Whether seeing patients in-person or virtually, one of the most important aspects of care is the human connection.

    • How to Overcome Burnout Through Gratitude

      By Jennifer Janus, M.D. | Practicing gratitude, especially when times are tough, is an essential component of clinical excellence.


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