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CLOSLER Articles

  • By: Sajida Chaudry, M.D. | Helping Patients Practice Healthy Habits

    Imagining a healthier lifestyle is the first step toward wellness. You can then help patients to make small changes to their daily routine.

  • The Return of House Calls

    By: Sajida Chaudry, M.D. | Listening and looking closely when visiting with patients virtually in their homes can give us a more holistic picture of their lives and support systems.

  • Curbside Care

    By: Marianne Fingerhood, C.R.N.P. | Whether seeing patients in-person or virtually, one of the most important aspects of care is the human connection.

  • Lessons From the AIDS Epidemic

    By: Mindy Kantsiper, M.D. | In times of crisis, it can be helpful to listen and learn from the stories of those who have come before us.

  • The Importance of Partnering With Patients

    By: Michael Crocetti, M.D. | What patients and families need is a clinician advocate who is available to listen, translate complex medical language, and support both the physical and mental health of the patient.

  • Observing and Acknowledging Family Dynamics

    By: Kimberly Zeren, C.R.N.P. | During your next patient encounter, take the time to observe the family dynamics. Don't be afraid to ask the difficult questions.

  • How to Overcome Burnout Through Gratitude

    By: Jennifer Janus, M.D. | Practicing gratitude, especially when times are tough, is an essential component of clinical excellence.

  • Challenges, Choices & Changes

    By: Catherine Parrish, M.D. | CHALLENGE yourself to be a lifelong learner—make CHOICES in your career that make you HAPPY, and use the CHANGES in your personal life to inform and enrich your work.