William Baumgartner, M.D., Physician of the Year

The Physician of the Year award is given to the physician who consistently achieves high standards in the practice of medicine and is looked upon as a role model by his or her peers.

James Harris Jr, M.D.

James Harris Jr, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center

Chief of Surgery

In the spring of 2022, the gastroenterology practice that provided on-call care for patients at Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center said it would no longer provide that care starting in October. Since then, the clinical team has had to use outside hospitals and rely on gastroenterology (GI) practitioners being available and willing to provide GI care.

James Harris Jr. has stepped in and volunteered to provide on-call coverage for GI emergencies at any hour of the day or night. He has treated life-threatening bleeding, food impactions and other emergencies. “I am blessed that I can provide the care and can help,” he says. Dr. Harris represents the highest ideals and ethics of the practice and art of medicine.

Heinz Chavez, M.D.

Heinz Chavez, M.D.

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

General Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Programrology

Heinz Chavez joined the general pediatric and adolescent medicine (GPAM) program in 2006, and families and colleagues appreciate his commitment to personalized care, particularly for children with special needs. He often stays late into the evening calling families or reviewing a study, and he devotes many hours to helping parents navigate the health care system and find solutions. In 2022, he developed a complex GPAM telemedicine program to provide follow-up visits for patients with medically complex cases, and he encourages teachers, home health nurses and other members of the child’s care team to take part in the appointments. Families that are juggling multiple medical appointments truly appreciate this convenience. Dr. Chavez also enjoys teaching and is a preceptor for nurse practitioner students from Johns Hopkins and local universities. He also works with residents in the GPAM clinic and at an affiliated nursery, and he has been an invited speaker at pediatric conferences outside the U.S. in collaboration with the hospital’s international medicine office.

Michael Schweitzer, M.D.

Michael Schweitzer, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Director, Johns Hopkins Center for Bariatric Surgery

In 2003, Michael Schweitzer, a nationally and internationally recognized leader in minimally invasive bariatric surgery, founded the laparoscopic bariatric surgery program at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where he teaches fellows, residents and other attendings advanced laparoscopic robot-assisted surgical techniques. Dr. Schweitzer also teaches these methods to surgeons at Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) in Saudi Arabia.

Dr. Schweitzer has demonstrated the strategic priority of working like one organization by integrating the bariatric surgery programs at Sibley Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview. He harmonized protocols and pathways between locations, and helped develop a comprehensive website to allow patients to choose where they would like to receive their care. Dr. Schweitzer also helped coordinate the joint venture of JHAH into a multidisciplinary bariatric surgery program, which has performed more than 700 bariatric procedures.

Dr. Schweitzer’s reputation as a clinical leader has made the Center for Bariatric Surgery a tertiary center for referrals of patients from throughout the country for complex bariatric surgery. He also receives referrals from international patients who have had complications from bariatric surgery and need revision surgery.

Katherine Clair Shaw, M.D.

Katherine Shaw, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

Physician, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

Few physicians embody dedication, empathy, altruism and kindness more than Katherine “Katie” Shaw. Dr. Shaw has served the East Baltimore community as an internal medicine and pediatrics physician since 2015. Beyond the physical health of her patients, Dr. Shaw helps ensure their social and behavioral needs are met. She values a team-based approach to care and celebrates the contributions of her interdisciplinary team.

In addition to conducting her clinical practice, Dr. Shaw is the assistant program director for the East Baltimore Medical Center’s Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Urban Health Residency Program. She also serves patients with some of the most complex cases in the practice through The Access Partnership program, which enables qualified patients receiving primary care to be referred at no additional cost to them for diagnostic tests, imaging services and appointments with Johns Hopkins specialists.

Dr. Shaw is cherished by her patients and is an inspiration to all of the residents, clinicians and staff members she works alongside.

Jihad Alhariri, M.D.

Jihad Alhariri, M.D.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Director of Dermatology, Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

Jihad Alhariri is described as a fierce advocate for patients, especially those with medically complex conditions and those whose health and access to care are complicated by social factors. Colleagues value his thorough assessments, expert diagnoses and evidenced-based treatment, and they collaborate with him frequently on their cases. “Patients often comment that they feel a ‘sense of healing’ when obtaining medical care with Dr. Alhariri and that he seems to genuinely care about their well-being,” one award nomination stated.

Dr. Alhariri is also a trusted teacher and supportive mentor. Since joining the faculty as an assistant professor of dermatology, he has inspired numerous medical students and trainees to pursue dermatology. According to another nomination, “Despite the busy atmosphere of the dermatology clinic, he never fails to take time out of the day or in between patients to provide teaching to residents and medical students. His dedication and enthusiasm in training the next generation of dermatologists is unparalleled.”

Dr. Alhariri has won several teaching and top doctor awards. Colleagues have unanimously voted him as the dermatologist they themselves would see, and they often refer family members to him.

Valerie Lee, M.D.

Valerie Lee, M.D.

Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center at Sibley Memorial Hospital

Medical Oncologist

Valerie Lee is extremely knowledgeable about gastrointestinal cancer care, but it is her compassion for her patients that is most inspiring. A tireless advocate and highly skilled clinician, she is held in high esteem by colleagues from many disciplines, and her work is a strong example of collaboration on a multidisciplinary team.

Dr. Lee sets a standard of excellence every day. She is attuned to her patients’ needs, not just from a medical perspective but, importantly, from a human perspective too. A role model in her department, she shows how oncology care should be performed as well as how multidisciplinary teams can function well when led by a compassionate and caring physician. Valerie Lee has changed the lives of hundreds of patients and families.

Adetunji Williams, M.D.

Adetunji Williams, M.D.

Physician, Emergency Medicine

Medical Director, Johns Hopkins Community Physicians Hospitalist Program

One of the best kept secrets at Suburban hospital is Adetunji Williams, a highly skilled, high performing emergency medicine physician who works behind the scenes with calmness and efficiency to manage the busy emergency department (ED) during the night shift. A dedicated and compassionate physician, Dr. Williams is admired for his ability to provide high quality patient-centered and family-centered care. No matter how difficult the shift or demanding the situation, Williams’ demeanor and professionalism remain unflappable.

Affectionately known as “Junior” by his colleagues, Dr. Williams is trusted and respected by the staff working alongside him during the nighttime hours. “Is Junior working tonight?” is the first question many ED nurses and technicians ask when arriving for an overnight shift. Staff members have been known to sign up for an extra night shift if they know they will be working with him.