Advanced Practice Provider of the Year Award

This honor is awarded to the advanced practice provider who consistently achieves high standards in the practice of medicine and is looked upon as a road map for his or her peers.

Tingting Niu, PA-C

Physician Assistant, Critical Care

Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center

Tingting Niu is the lead Advanced Practice Provider (APP) for the critical care team. Colleagues admire her communication skills, work ethic and clinical expertise. She is an excellent team player and a dedicated patient advocate who often goes above and beyond what is expected of her to meet needs and to help others. Niu is also a member of multiple hospital committees, a preceptor for APP students and a champion for the recently established critical care prevention team, which aims to improve patient safety and outcomes in the critical care unit. “She is an outstanding clinician who always provides exceptional patient care, even in the most extreme circumstances,” says a colleague. “Nothing ever rattles her. She is consistently calm, professional and thorough in even the most trying and stressful of situations. In my opinion, Niu not only exemplifies what the APP of the year looks like — she defines it.”

Tingting Niu, P.A.

James O’Donnell

Physician Assistant, Emergency Center

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

James O’Donnell’s Emergency Center colleagues appreciate his outstanding clinical skills, his collaborative approach to care and his uncanny ability to bond with each patient’s family. They also admire his values, mindset and leadership skills.

O’Donnell’s work ethic helps raise the level of care in the Emergency Center and strengthens staff morale and well-being. A leader notes: “He communicates effectively, listens to safety f concerns and establishes a strong rapport with the patient and family. Jim is a valued and highly productive member of the team, with an exceptional ability to go above and beyond when the department is busy.”

Recently, O’Donnell added the role of training all advanced practice provider (APP) students at the hospital. He is admired as a great teacher and preceptor who elicits the best in others. “You can almost see the wheels start to turn for students when Jim is teaching,” a colleague notes. His approach to education empowers learners to think for themselves, and he demonstrates how to build trust with patients.

James Ryan O'Donnell, P.A.-C.

Mary Masterson, M.P.A.S., PA-C

Director, Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant (PA) Residency Program

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Mary Masterson has been a consistent leader in the emergency department (ED) at Johns Hopkins Bayview for more than 25 years. She co-founded the Emergency Medicine PA Residency Program, which trains and prepares physician assistants for the rigorous demands of emergency medicine. Many of the PAs who completed the program have remained on staff in the ED at Johns Hopkins Bayview, and they attribute their knowledge and expertise to Masterson and the residency.

Masterson was also instrumental in the development and launch of telescreening in the ED. The program allows for flexible staffing to increase practitioner access to patients in the ED waiting room, and it provides an additional resource during surges.

Masterson’s clinical skills are excellent, and her practice in emergency medicine is strong and consistent. She is a strong advocate for patients and easily builds rapport with them, keeping them informed and educated while receiving excellent care.

Mary Masterson, MPAS, PA-C

Colleen Kennedy, C.N.M., D.N.P., M.S.N.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Johns Hopkins Community Physicians

Colleen Kennedy is a vital member of the Gyn/Ob service, and her impact extends to all of Johns Hopkins Community Physicians (JHCP) and beyond. She consistently provides exemplary care, and she has been instrumental in developing improvements to workflows and clinical processes for the Gyn/Ob group. Kennedy plays an active role in orienting new practitioners, training them in clinical and Epic workflows. She has a wide range of knowledge and she supports practice innovation, consistently providing levelheaded feedback regarding patient care and beyond. As part of her practice, Kennedy has become a leading provider of trauma-informed gynecologic care, presenting lectures on the topic during the JHCP Annual Provider Retreat and Grand Rounds at several Gyn/Ob offices.

In addition to her clinical practice, Kennedy has mentored students from nurse practitioner and certified nurse midwife programs, several of whom have been hired for JHCP Gyn/Ob practices. She is also active academically, having contributed to several textbooks and materials related to maternal and child health. She has served as president of the Maryland affiliate of the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Kennedy “did a fantastic job explaining the rationale for my care and listened to my concerns with attention and compassion,” says a patient. “Overall, I found her to be a phenomenal provider, and I am so happy to have met her! I would recommend her care to any of my friends and family.”

Colleen Kennedy, C.N.M., D.N.P.

Kathryn Hines, M.S.H.S., PA-C

Director of Surgical Advanced Practice

The Johns Hopkins Hospital

As director of surgical advanced practice, Kathryn ("Katy") Hines is a leader and advocate for her patients and advanced practice (AP) colleagues.

She is thoughtful about growing AP staffing in the surgical department to best meet patient needs while improving AP engagement, happiness and retention. She consistently seeks ways to learn what APs want and need, and uses that information to build, guide and support new programs. For example, she recruited APs into a new intermediate care unit program, grew the robotic surgery program, created a supplemental staffing program and hired an AP team to take care of patients overnight.

For APs at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, she partnered with hospital leaders to create an Advanced Practice Advisory Council for networking and support, and an annual Advanced Practice Surgical Leadership Academy for professional development.

As an active clinician with the vascular surgery team, Hines partnered with physician colleagues to develop the Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot and Wound Center of Excellence, serving as both its administrative director and a clinician. This center has one of the country’s lowest amputation rates.

As colleague Caitlin Brown, certified registered nurse practitioner, wrote on an award nomination form, Hines “has always done whatever it takes to help others be their best and do their best.”

Kathryn Hines, M.S.H.S., PA-C

Theresa Cano, PA-C

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Theresa Cano has been a valued physician assistant in the surgical service for many years. Not only a highly skilled medical practitioner, but she also has an extraordinary ability to connect with patients on a personal level. With her sense of humor and positive attitude, she ensures their comfort and well-being. Theresa Cano is a true team player who demonstrates excellent collaboration with physicians and other health care professionals, fostering a positive and harmonious working environment. She has consistently demonstrated outstanding dedication, competence and compassion, and she has shown remarkable leadership. Cano engages in councils, committees and continuing education, and she shares her knowledge and expertise with her colleagues, serving as a significant role model and assisting in the professional development of all her colleagues.

Theresa Cano

Sean Terwilliger, C.R.N.P.

Critical Care Unit

Suburban Hospital

Sean Terwilliger shines in his practice with his hard working, helpful and enthusiastic nature. He played an integral role in building Suburban Hospital’s intermediate care unit (IMCU), which serves as a bridge between the intensive care unit (ICU) and medical/surgical. The IMCU hosts patients who need less intensive care than what is provided in the ICU but more than what is provided on a typical med/surg unit. The IMCU helps improve patient flow and increases capacity across the hospital, enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction. Terwilliger’s demeanor, combined with his dedication and expertise, makes him a great asset to the Suburban team.

Sean Terwilliger, C.R.N.P.