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Types of Brain Tumor Surgery

Does having a brain tumor mean a patient needs surgery?

Brain Tumors: Frequently Asked Questions | Jon Weingart, M.D.

Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Jon Weingart, M.D. answers frequently asked questions about a brain tumor diagnosis, including first steps, brain tumor types, treatment options and what you can expect after treatment.

Surgery is one type of treatment for brain tumors. The most common types of surgery performed for brain tumors at the Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Brain Tumor Center are:

  • Biopsy
  • Craniotomy
    • Extended bifrontal craniotomy
    • "Eyebrow" craniotomy (supra-orbital craniotomy)
    • "Keyhole" craniotomy (retro-sigmoid craniotomy)
    • Orbitozygomatic craniotomy
    • Translabyrinthine craniotomy
  • MRI-guided laser ablation
  • Endonasal endoscopy (endonasal endoscopic surgery)
  • Neuroendoscopy

Infographic: Advancements in Brain Tumor Treatment
Brain tumor treatment continues to evolve with new techniques and technologies. Here’s a look at some newer developments that may improve the outlook for those living with brain tumors.

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