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Neuroplastic surgery is a new surgical specialty developed at Johns Hopkins. By bridging the gap between neurosurgery and plastic surgery, we ensure patients have complete preservation or restoration of their preoperative appearance, providing them with an enhanced sense of confidence, health and happiness.

Prevent deformity during a brain, skull or scalp procedure

Address a complication from a prior procedure and restore your appearance

Our team can help with complications from prior procedures or other deformities that have gone untreated.

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Patient Results

Before and after of a cranioplasty reconstruction
Before and after image of a hydrophalus shunt valve revision
Before and after of a skull tumor resection
Before and after of combined cranioplasty and neuromodulation device insertion
Before and after of a neuroplastic reconstruction and cranioplasty
  • Cranioplasty for traumatic brain injury

  • Alleviating visible deformity and scalp ischemia by embedding a shunt within a valve agnostic cranial implant

  • Skull tumor removal and simultaneous cranioplasty to prevent a skull defect, visual deformity and social stigma

  • Cranioplasty and an embedded neuromodulation device for epilepsy

  • Reconstruction and cranioplasty to correct post-neurosurgical temporal hollowing over the left forehead after meningioma removal

Skull Restoration | Dennis' Story

Life-saving surgery after a two-story fall left Dennis alive but with 45% of his skull missing. Stalled in his recovery due to incomplete wound healing and infection, he turned to Johns Hopkins neuroplastic surgeon Chad Gordon and neurosurgeon Judy Huang, who devised a two-surgery approach to treat the infection and transform his appearance.

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What You Need to Know About Neuroplastic Surgery

Johns Hopkins neuroplastic surgeon Chad Gordon describes how patients who need brain surgery can benefit from neuroplastic surgery, a new field that combines the expertise of neurosurgery with plastic and reconstructive surgery to preserve or restore a patient’s appearance.

Neuroplastic Clinical Team

Chad Gordon, D.O.

Director, Neuroplastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Gordon

Caroline Davis, PA-C

Certified Physician Assistant

Caroline Davis, PA-C

Sheila Hobbs

Neuroplastic Surgery Coordinator

 Sheila Hobbs