Neuroplastic Research

Lab members cutting a red ribbon.

Researchers in the Johns Hopkins Division of Neuroplastic Surgery are exploring better ways of accessing the brain to prevent — and repair — visible skull defects. The division unites investigators across the fields of plastic surgery, neurosurgery, neurology, biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, neuro-oncology and neuroradiology, as well as several others and the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory (APL).

The Neuroplastic Surgery Research Laboratory has a multidisciplinary research team including several Ph.D. students, master’s students and undergraduate students all studying at JHU. The work from this lab has resulted in:

  • Over 60 peer-reviewed research publications, including descriptions of three “first-in-human” surgeries with state-of-the-art cranial implants
  • Several issued patents for patient-specific craniofacial implants, cranial implants with embedded functionality (i.e., SMART cranial implants)
  • Various forms of novel computer-assisted/robot-assisted technologies developed in collaboration with the JHU APL

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