Our Team

The Brady Urological Institute is home to many of the world’s most accomplished urologic medicine experts. We work closely with oncology, pediatrics, nephrology and other specialists from across Johns Hopkins to provide personalized treatment plans and exceptional, research-driven care. 


Dr. Bruce Trock

Bruce J. Trock, Ph.D., is Professor in the departments of Urology, Epidemiology, and Oncology, and Director of the Division of Epidemiology in the Brady Urological Institute. His research focuses on biomarkers of prognosis, etiology and early detection, prostate cancer treatment outcomes, and etiologic mechanisms (e.g. inflammation, metabolic pathways, and diet). He is also interested in biostatistical issues involving biomarkers, and statistical models to explore the relationship between aging and prostate cancer. Dr. Trock also studies common pathways linking breast and prostate cancer etiology.

Dr. Bruce Trock


Our clinical team includes physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs) and registered nurses (RNs) who specialize in urology and play a key role in providing quality, coordinated patient care.

PAs and NPs are clinical professionals with advanced degrees who are licensed to practice medical care. They work together with physicians and can evaluate and treat many urologic conditions. Many times you will have an initial visit with one of our Pas or NPs prior to your visit with a surgeon. Our RNs provide support during patient visits and play important role in patient education, guiding you through treatment and rehabilitation.

Urology Physician Assistants

Urology Nurse Practitioners