Urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction are sometimes caused when nerve damage interferes with the complex series of interactions between the brain, nervous system and pelvic organs. 

Also called neurogenic bladder, this can result from spinal injuries, neurological disorders and congenital malformations. Neurogenic bladder requires treatment from urologists who specialize in neurourology. 

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Neurourology: Why Choose Johns Hopkins 

  • You can rely on the extensive neurourology expertise of our physicians to help manage your urinary incontinence and keep your kidneys safe from high-pressure voiding that can result from neurogenic bladder. 
  • Our team has experience with a range of therapies for neurogenic bladder, including medical management, bladder augmentation, Botox therapy and sacral neuromodulation (electrical stimulation of the sacral nerve). 
  • We offer neurourology patients access to the latest advances in urologic surgery, including robotic-assisted bladder augmentation, to help minimize post-operative complications and promote faster recovery. 
  • Neurogenic bladder treatment involves a variety of experts. We work hand in hand with neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, and other specialists as needed to ensure every aspect of your care is integrated. 

Neurourology Experts

Our experts are part of a multidisciplinary team that understands the complexities of treating urinary incontinence and voiding dysfunction caused by neurological problems.

  • Arthur Burnett MD

    • Director, Basic Science Laboratory in Neuro-Urology

    Expertise: Urology

    Primary Location: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center, Baltimore, MD

  • Marisa Clifton MD

    • Director, Women’s Health, Brady Urological Institute

    Expertise: Urology

    Primary Location: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

  • Andrew Cohen MD

    • Division Director, Benign Urology

    Expertise: Urology

    Primary Location: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

  • Jamie James Wright MD

    • Director, Division of Reconstructive and Neurological Urology

    Expertise: Urology

    Primary Location: Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore, MD


What to Expect 

The foundation of neurourology is careful diagnostics and surveillance of your bladder health. You will receive compassionate, comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team of specialists, from your initial diagnosis through treatment and follow-up. 

Diagnostic testing will likely be necessary to help guide treatment decisions between you and your doctor. We offer state-of-the-art urodynamic testing, including in our new procedure room at our Green Spring Station location. During this series of tests, a catheter is inserted and computers measure several aspects of your lower urinary tract function, including how well the bladder holds and empties urine.