Support Services

We offer answers and resources to support you and your child as you prepare for your visit. 

The surgery team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital understands an operation can be stressful. We offer patients and their families a variety of resources and support services, including information on how to prepare for a child’s operation, what to expect after surgery and how to care for the child at home.

Our goal is to provide families with the support services they need to feel more prepared and less anxious. We welcome all questions and want every patient and family to feel comfortable with the plan of care.

Helpful Resources

Many resources and services are available to patients and families, including: 

  • Preparing for a pre-operative consultation. Know what to bring to a pre-operative consultation (such as medical records and insurance cards), find out who must be present and learn about the child’s examination. During this appointment, the patient must be present and will be examined.
  • Preparing for surgery. Know what to do and what not to do the day of surgery such as eating, drinking, bathing, who should come to the hospital and more.
  • During and after surgery. Find information on things you should know about the surgery and post-surgery period.
  • Learn about our caregivers and facilities. To help patients and families prepare for their visit, we’ve created an inpatient stay guide with information about our caregivers, facilities, routines and policies and the many resources that are available to you.
  • Maps, directions and parking. Get the information you need to find your way to the hospital.
  • Caring for a child after surgery. Before each patient is discharged, our team provides parents/guardians with detailed home care instructions. 

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We’re available 24/7. A certified nurse practitioner or physician assistant from our surgery team is on call and in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This professional is available to our surgical inpatients, patients in our Emergency Center and families at home.

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