Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Issues & Legislation

When issues impacting child health care arise at the state or national level, it takes a network of supporters to ensure legislators hear the needs and concerns of children. Voice4Allkids advocates have the opportunity to help ensure laws protect and improve the health, safety and well-being of children. You'll help us speak on behalf of kids in the public policy arena when important decisions need to be made.

Here are two of the many reasons why your help is needed to support Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital:


As a stand-alone children's hospital, almost 70 percent of patients at Johns Hopkins All Children's have Medicaid as their primary insurance.

A girl sitting on a model dolphin in Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

Nationally, children with chronic complex conditions account for 6 percent of the Medicaid population and 40 percent of the expenses, according to the Children's Hospital Association.

Changes to Medicaid at the state level can disproportionately impact our ability to provide care to children with chronic complex conditions.

Children's Hospital Graduate Medical Education (CHGME)

As an academic institution, we are training the next generation of pediatric specialists. Johns Hopkins All Children's membership in Johns Hopkins Medicine brings nationally recognized expertise and experience to training pediatricians. Studies show having a residency program in a hospital improves the quality of outcomes, and residents often stay in the area where they receive training.

Currently, there is a national shortage of physicians trained in pediatrics. CHGME is a federal program that helps support our efforts in training more physicians in pediatrics. Any cuts to this program limit our ability to train, retain and recruit physicians.