Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital Motor Vehicle Safety

Tips to keep children safe on the road at all ages

Keeping children safe in vehicles begins with proper car seat usage as newborns, and continues with rear-facing car seats for toddlers and forward-facing car seats for kids, booster seat safety for school-age children, and driving safety for pre-drivers and driving-age teenagers.

Safe Kids Florida Suncoast provides resources, tips and programs for parents and caregivers on vehicle safety for every age.

Car Seat Safety

We are currently offering virtual car seat checks for families who have their own car seats, and physical distancing educational distribution sessions for families who are unable to obtain a car seat at a retail price. Learn more.

Booster Seat Safety

Children who have outgrown their car seat but are not yet big enough for a seat belt alone need a booster seat to stay safe in the car. We provide information on when to use a booster seat and how to make sure it fits your child properly. Learn more.

Teen Driver Safety

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens in the United States, according to Safe Kids Worldwide, with teens ages 16-19 at the most risk. We offer resources for teens and families on how to prevent distracted driving that leads to accidents. Learn more.

Contact Us

For information about motor vehicle safety, please contact Safe Kids Florida Suncoast at 727-767-7835.

Safe Kids Florida Suncoast, led by Johns Hopkins All Children’s, is a coalition of community organizations and partners committed to preventing injuries in children and adolescents, including car seat and booster seat safety.