Let us follow your child's health journey—be part of a new research study focusing on children's health and growth.

Help Us Lead the Way 

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Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital is enrolling families in a groundbreaking research study of healthy children. Our researchers are looking at how factors during pregnancy and childhood shape health later in life. We want to understand the things that protect some children from developing conditions like obesity, learning problems and asthma.

This knowledge is important to developing future treatments and prevention programs for many childhood diseases and conditions. This is a long-term goal that may benefit children in years to come.

You and your family can help us lead the way.

What's Involved?

This study is called PREDICT (Prospective Research on Early Determinants of Illness and Children's health Trajectories). Researchers will follow the health journeys of enrolled children and families. If you are currently pregnant, we will follow your pregnancy during your routine prenatal care and after your child is born. If your child is already born, we will follow his or her development over time. You will receive information about your child's development where possible. Your family's identity is always kept confidential.

Once a year on average, we will ask you to fill out surveys about your child's health and development, your family, and your neighborhood. Every few years, we'll test your child's development, and, where possible, provide you with those results.

Saliva and blood samples (for example, a finger poke) of both mother and child will be taken periodically. These might hold clues about your child's health in the future. Whenever possible, the blood samples will be taken when you or your child need blood drawn as part of your routine care.

There is no cost to be part of the study. You will receive gift cards as compensation for your participation in the study.

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Why is this Important?

Many children face serious illness or learning problems. Understanding what helps some children stay healthy, while others don't is critical for developing prevention programs to help keep all children healthy. By taking part in this study, you can help us gain valuable information about how to increase the chances of a healthy life for all children.

How Do I Learn More?

You can contact the research study coordinator at:
Phone: 727-767-3989
Email: [email protected]

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JHM IRB Protocol Number: 13-0651
Principal Investigators:

  • Raquel Hernandez, MD, MPH
  • Sara Johnson, MPH, PhD