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Medical Religious Partners

Faith communities in which people worship together are arguably the single most important repository of social capital in America.

-Robert D. Putnam in Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community

Medical-religious partnerships support the Medical Center's role as the trusted hospital of choice for the local community. Johns Hopkins Bayview offers volunteer education, health and wellness programs for spiritual leaders and congregational health activities. Congregation/faith groups who engage with the Medical Center in its effort to build a healthier community are called medical religious partners. These partnerships are the backbone of a committed network of care in the neighborhoods surrounding Johns Hopkins Bayview. There is no cost to participating in a medical-religious partnership.

Medical religious partners are provided:

  • Participation in HCP educational offerings (Lay Health Educator, Lay Health Advocate)
  • Assistance with health fairs or health-related activities via toolkit or JHBMC Community Relations Department
  • Support for congregational representatives providing spiritual care support within the Medical Center
  • Use of Speaker’s Bureau for relevant topics
  • Preventive health activities through Johns Hopkins Bayview Wellness Center for congregational staff
  • Information about the JHBMC Community Partners CPE program
  • Participation in other health-related activities at JHBMC that are appropriate for community participation
  • Parking privileges through the Spiritual Care Department
  • Quarterly brunches, where workgroups gather to continue the movement of health and wellness in the Baltimore community.

Medical-religious partners will:

  • Support the medical-religious partnership in prayer and worship to become God’s instruments for health and wholeness in our community
  • Use clergy role to articulate and mirror the values and practices of a healthy lifestyle
  • Extend an opportunity for members and neighbors to be informed of the medical-religious partnership, the benefits of and how to become active participants in the life and the work of the Medical Center
  • Promote educational opportunities for trained congregational lay health educators and lay health advocates
  • Assist lay health educators and congregational patient advocates as they provide support and guidance for individuals and families navigating through the health care system
  • Seek ways to extend the medical-religious partnership to other congregations and community groups
  • Share resources that contribute to the success of medical-religious partnership activities.

Caring for the City

"Caring for the City" is a community based educational program committed to training local clergy to support and respond to the emotional and spiritual needs within their congregation and community. There are three program cohorts per year. For more information, please call Linda Johnson-Harvey at 410-955-5843.

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