Volunteer Services at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Due to COVID-19 and restrictions on visitors in the hospital and all facilities, Johns Hopkins Bayview’s Volunteer Services Program is accepting a limited number of volunteers who have been preplaced. We appreciate your interest and look forward to resuming all volunteer services activities as soon as it is safe to do so.

Johns Hopkins Bayview has a number of volunteer opportunities to meet individual interests and fill a variety of important roles, both in patient care and staff support.

Volunteer Opportunities

Pre-placed Volunteers

Youths age 15 or older may be pre-selected for a volunteer position by having an agreement to volunteer with a specific department or in a specific role at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. They must commit to at least four hours of volunteer service per week (or a minimum of 100 hours) for no less than three months.

Pre-selected volunteers must complete the pre-placed volunteer application and provide their supervisor’s email address. The supervisor will be asked to approve or reject the applicant. If approved, the volunteer may begin the onboarding process.

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