Providing Care for the Caring

At Johns Hopkins Bayview, we recognize the importance of family caregivers, as well as the physical and emotional stresses that can accompany caregiving. For this reason, we have created Called to Care®, a program that prepares and supports individuals caring for loved ones with health-related needs or limitations.

Called to Care® | A Program For Family Caregivers

We recognized the importance of family caregivers, as well as the physical and emotional stresses that can accompany caregiving. Hear how Johns Hopkins Bayview prepares and supports those caring for loved ones with health-related needs or limitations. 

Are you a caregiver?

Millions of Americans are providing care for an adult family member or friend, yet few identify themselves as caregivers. As a family caregiver, you may think the support you provide—helping your mother purchase and organize her medications, or taking a friend to his doctors’ appointments—is small in the grand scheme of things. But, the truth is you play a critical role in the health and well-being of your loved one, which is just as important as the care provided by doctors and nurses.

Learn more about being a caregiver

Caregiving Resources

We want to begin by recognizing your valuable contributions and saying, “Thank you.” We sincerely appreciate all that you do. More importantly, we want to remind you that you are not alone. Just as you are there to care for your loved one, there are many individuals and organizations available to help you.

Upcoming Classes and Events

Ongoing Events & Support Groups

It is not unusual to feel isolated when you are devoting so much of your time to caring for a loved one. One valuable way to overcome these feelings is to talk with others who understand the stresses and challenges you are facing.

Johns Hopkins Bayview has partnered with several organizations in the surrounding community, including those that offer counseling and support groups. Examples include, but are not limited to:

Stories of Caregiving

Arlene and David's Story

The program offers assistance in several ways: supportive services, education, and partnerships with local agencies, organizations and faith communities.

Emilio and Mary's Story

Mary Rios talks about her experience caring for her husband Emilio who has multiple sclerosis (MS). Her call to care for her husband has added stress to their lives. Together they've hired help to relieve the stress and return to a happy and healthy relationship!

Caregiver Connection

Caregiver Connection is a publication that connects caregivers with resources, support and each other. The newsletter is published every other month and contains community caregiving news, tips, spotlights and upcoming events.

If you'd like to begin receiving Caregiver Connection by mail, please call 410-550-8018.

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W. Daniel Hale, Ph.D.

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