Childbirth Education

Sibley Childbirth Services

Thank you for choosing Sibley Memorial Hospital. We are here to help you have the best possible birth experience.

Pre-register to Have your Baby

To streamline your admission to the hospital, please pre-register by completing a pre-registration form before your eighth month of pregnancy.

Lactation Department

For questions related to breastfeeding or to rent a breast pump, call the Warm Line at 202-243-2321 or email [email protected].

Additional Resources

For all birth certificate related questions call Health Information Management at 202-537-4088. For information regarding epidural anesthesia in labor please review Anesthesia Services.


Expectant family

All tours and classes taught by Childbirth Education are currently held virtually. To view and register for our offerings, visit

Sibley's Childbirth Education Department recommends that expectant parents take a class during the seventh month of pregnancy or earlier. We recommend that you take childbirth classes during the seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy (any series should end about this time as well). Classes are in high demand and fill up quickly, so please make sure to register ahead of time and as soon as classes are posted to the Calendar of Events. In general, class listings are posted 4 to 6 weeks in advance of the class date.

Please be advised that there are no drop-ins. Due to the seat limitations for each class, we will only accept registered participants. Online registration through our website is required for all classes and tours.

For inquiries related to childbirth classes, email [email protected].

Classes and Orientation

Sign up for an orientation and register for classes and parent groups. You can search by event name or by selecting Women's and Infants' Services under Department. Explore our offerings on our events site.

Review our registration and cancellation information prior to registering.

Class Registration and Cancellation

We are here to help you have the best possible birth experience. Before you contact the Childbirth Education department, please read through this list of information. If you have additional questions that are not answered by the information below, please email Childbirth Education at [email protected].