Empowering Change Through Community Driven Innovation

About Ward Infinity

Ward Infinity is designed to partner with change agents to magnify and accelerate their capacity to radically improve underinvested communities' health and well-being by reducing health disparities and building health equity through community-driven solutions. We partner with founders in Washington, D.C. that have an impact and show a commitment to creating wealth and solving for social determinants of health that significantly impact Wards 7 & 8.

Our Goals

Eliminate Disparities

Health disparities increase medical costs by $77 billion and indirect costs by $83 billion each year. Our strategy distributes resources to increase health and vitality and reduce costs.

Increase Inclusion

Vulnerable communities are often not consulted on changes that affect their quality of life. Our approach empowers residents to shape changes in their community.

Build Trust

As we've seen with the COVID vaccine roll-out, trust between patients & providers either impedes or encourages healthcare service use. Our process listens and responds to community needs.

Ensure Viability

Our program not only takes you through the innovation process, but it also ensures your venture is sustainable, increasing wealth, and ensuring a positive economic impact on the community it is serving.

Interest Areas


Increase availability and/or access to nutritious food



Create stronger bonds and enhance emotional wellbeing



Shape healthy places where residents live, work, and/or play


Health Technology

Improve health access and/or literacy through tech-based solutions

Healthcare Systems

Build better access to equitable health systems

  • The WANDA Academy

    A women's circle that reclaims sisterhood and heritage foods to address food security.

    Members of the WANDA Academy
  • DMV Urban Greens

    An urban organic farm that provides produce for free/low cost while eliminating transportation barriers.

    DMV Urban Green team
  • Taste and Talk

    Gatherings in a familiar setting to explore the benefits of plant-based diets on $10/day. Health coaching for 9 months following the program.

    Taste and Talk

The Johns Hopkins Innovation Method

Triad illustration

Our social innovation method prescribes a process, not an outcome. It combines our very own human-centered design approach Listen Imagine Do with public health and business problem-solving methods to generate community-driven innovations. The goal of the process is to design solutions that resonate with community needs and values all while having a viable underlying business model.

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