Meet the 2021 Cohort

Cohort Fast Facts

Each initiative addresses social determinants of health based on our priority investment areas. This includes increasing nutritious food access, strengthening social bonds, and shaping healthy environments for families and youth.

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    Serving Wards 7 & 8

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    Are Women-led

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    Cohort Members

Community Pitch Competition Award Winners

Medici Road

Medici Market is a neighborhood grocery store owned by the employees and residents of Ward 7 in Washington DC that sells fresh, healthy foods. It also offers a monthly $10 membership for customers who want access to product discounts and in-store events featuring locally owned food businesses.

Medici Road team members accepting award

Wassup Té

The Say Less Documentary is a production that shows youth the impact of drinking sugary sweetened beverages. The documentary will provide an ease of consciousness while also stimulating the brain by including Ward 7 & 8 youth perspectives, animations, and interviews with health professionals.

Wassup Té team members accepting award

Stacy Lucas

The purpose of Jon Fortt Storytelling Award is to highlight the values, beliefs, and life experiences that compelled our Innovators to advance health in their communities. Stacey's intimate portrait of memorable family visits to Rock Creek Park inspired her to get youth engaged in playing and learning in green spaces.

Stacy Lucas accepting award

Meet the 2021 Innovators

Dynamic Solutions for the Aging

Dynamic Solutions for the Aging is developing customized, age-friendly solutions for individuals 50+ and the caregivers and businesses that engage and serve them. We envision an all-inclusive society in which individuals 50+ live, thrive, and have a quality of life supported by systems that address their continuum of life needs.

Investment Area: Create stronger bonds and enhance emotional wellbeing.

Healthy Home Pediatrics

Healthy Home Pediatrics believes that when families are truly supported, they thrive. Using house calls, telemedicine, care coordination, and lactation services we support families. Our project focuses on supporting families through challenging transitions during the fourth trimester (last month of pregnancy and first three months of life).

Investment Area: Create stronger bonds and enhance emotional wellbeing.

Infinite Possibilities International

Infinite Possibilities International implements innovative environmental programming and provides opportunities for underserved communities to connect with nature, learn and heal in green spaces. Through partnerships, we develop innovative approaches to introduce, engage, educate, and empower communities to nature and their role in environmental stewardship.

Investment Area: Shape healthy places where residents live, work, and/or play.

Medici Road

Team Medici Road envisions a world where Greater Deanwood residents have equitable access to a range of food options that promote health and support economic opportunity. We want to see a refresh of Greater Deanwood's vibrant, locally-based food ecosystem based on the community's interests, capacities, and knowledge.

Investment Area: Increase availability and/or access to nutritious food.

Wassup Té

Wassup Té is a health and wellness platform designed and focused on using art and relationships to bring reliable and relatable education and resources to red-lined communities.

Investment Area: Building healthy relationships