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Glaucoma Division

The Glaucoma Division offers comprehensive glaucoma care and second opinion consultations for all forms of glaucoma, whether primary or related to complex eye problems, in patients of all ages. The latest medical treatments, laser therapies and surgical procedures are available for the treatment and management of glaucoma.

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Dr. Boland preps for glaucoma procedureOur Experts
Meet the specialists who are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.

Dr. Ian Pitha in the laboratoryOur Research
Our groundbreaking research is committed to improving glaucoma patient outcomes.

Dr. Quigley with a studentOur Education
Our fellowship program trains and develops the next generation of clinical experts and thought leaders.

The Wilmer Eye Institute Difference

Dr. Friedman with patient

Our Impact | Glaucoma Screening in Baltimore City

Learn more about the Screening to Prevent Glaucoma (SToP) program.

Our Patient Care | Pediatric Ophthalmology

Dr. Courtney Kraus discusses the "true art" of making sure children are comfortable during exams.

Patient Resources

Cure Glaucoma Newsletter

Drs. Ian Pitha and Harry Quigley

Read more about the advanced research and mission-driven clinical work of our glaucoma division experts in our newsletter, Cure Glaucoma.

Guide to Glaucoma from the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute

Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know book cover

This Glaucoma: What Every Patient Should Know can help you answer the many questions you might have about this common eye disease. Written by Dr. Harry Quigley, it provides authoritative answers, easily understood explanations, helpful suggestions, and lifestyle advice that can take the stress out of dealing with glaucoma, and should maximize the chance that no further injury to your ability to see will occur.

All proceeds are used to support research within the glaucoma division of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute.

You can also read the book online.

Directions | Getting Here

Directions for reaching the glaucoma division at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute and our glaucoma service locations throughout Maryland.

We strive to provide our patients with the best medical and surgical care, delivered with the highest degree of respect, empathy, and professionalism. We also seek to improve the lives of all glaucoma patients through scientific research and training/mentoring the next generation of specialists.

- Dr. Pradeep Ramulu, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Ophthalmology; Chief, Glaucoma Division

Dr. Pradeep Ramulu