The Center for Stem Cells and Ocular Regenerative Medicine

The Center for Stem Cell Ocular Regenerative Medicine (STORM) is a pioneering, collaborative research effort from the Wilmer Eye Institute that integrates the expertise of basic scientists, engineers, clinical researchers, and physicians and surgeons across Johns Hopkins to study and eventually cure vision loss and blindness through regenerative medicine. 

The Storm Mission

STORM's multidisciplinary team of specialists from across Johns Hopkins are collaborating to slow down and prevent vision loss and blindness through regenerative medicine.

I'm not aware of another similar regenerative medicine program that unites such a diverse group of disciplines. Wherever the best people are, we want to work with them.

Dr Donald Zack, Director, STORM
Donald Zack


Research Faculty

Creating Retina in a Dish

The STORM team generated human retinal cells in the lab, opening the door to developing more effective treatments for retinal diseases.


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