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Study Questions and Procedures

Study Questions

A. What home features can make activities of daily living easier for visually impaired persons?

B. What environmental features (such as lighting and clutter) can reduce the risk of falls inside a home?

To answer these questions, the following procedures will be applied:
  • Indoor Positioning System

    We will use a high-tech Indoor Positioning System (IPS) to accurately map your movements inside your home. This technology will be cross referenced with reported falls and fall hazards in different areas of the home and allow us to identify potential environmental modification to improve safety and prevent falls.

  • ActivPAL

    We will be providing you with a cutting edge accelerometer to measure how many steps you take in different areas of your home. This data will be cross-referenced with readings from our IPS to give us accurate information regarding the amount of activity in each area of your home.

  • Actiwatch

    We will give you a special ‘watch’ known as actiwatch. This state-of-the-art technology will allow us to measure both, how well you sleep and your movement throughout the day, while also measuring the intensity of light in different parts of your home.

  • Smart Bottle Cap

    We will place several of your medication bottles into bottles with sophisticated smart bottle cap system to accurately track when and how often you take your medications daily.

  • Daily Activities

    We will work with you while you perform daily activities such as: - writing a check to a business - taking your daily medications - cleaning up a floor spill - calling a plumber in the area - making a bowl of cereal Observing you during those activities will allow us to identify potential impediments in your environment that may make it difficult for you to perform these activities.

  • Clinic Visits

    Scheduled both at the beginning and end of the study, these clinic visits will consist of prompt but comprehensive vision evaluations.

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