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Priority Research Areas: Opportunities for Donations to Drive Discovery

During the next 5 years, the Glaucoma Center of Excellence (GCE) proposes to develop improvements in the diagnosis and therapy of glaucoma in 3 areas of focus: research, glaucoma care, and education.  The vision for the Center is dramatically to improve the outcome for those affected by glaucoma worldwide by development and implementation of diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Click on the links below to learn more about each priority:

  1. Improving the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma worldwide (Drs. Ramulu, and Quigley)
  2. Decreasing the impact of vision damage due to glaucoma on the quality of life of those affected (Drs. Ramulu, Boland, and Jampel)
  3. Developing novel neuroprotective treatments for glaucoma that will complement and extend currently available treatment approaches (Drs. Zack, Quigley, and Welsbie)
  4. Initiating a national Glaucoma Research Network for major clinical studies (Drs. Boland and Ramulu)
  5. Better quantitative risk assessment and use of electronic information systems (Dr. Boland)
  6. Optimized diagnostic testing, visit frequency, and treatments for glaucoma (Dr. Jampel)
  7. Replacement of lecture format with focused reading, online audio/visual didactic materials, and seminars with measured outcomes for resident training (Drs. Ramulu, Quigley).

See Past Glaucoma Research Findings


Glaucoma Research at the Wilmer Eye Institute

Dr. Sheila West talks about the Wilmer Eye Institute's glaucoma research program and its contributions to the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma throughout the world.

Research Collaboration at the Wilmer Eye Institute

Dr. Donald Zack discusses the collaboration between research labs at the Wilmer Eye Institute to develop better techniques to diagnose and treat glaucoma.

Surgical Improvements at the Wilmer Eye Institute

Dr. Harry Quigley summarizes recent research on glaucoma surgery at the Wilmer Eye Institute that is pioneering new techniques to improve glaucoma outcomes.

Angle-Closure Glaucoma in Asia

Wilmer Eye Institute professors discuss their research on angle-closure glaucoma in China, Singapore and India.

Decreasing Glaucoma's Impact - Research Studies at Wilmer Eye Institute

Dr. Pradeep Ramulu discusses the Wilmer Eye Institute's studies to improve the reading and physical activity of patients suffering from glaucoma.

Eye Drop Adherence

Dr. Michael Boland speaks on the importance of taking glaucoma medications as prescribed and the patient education programs implemented as a result of his research.



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