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Current Research in Cornea, Cataract and External Disease


Areas of Research

Contact LensesDr. Divya Srikumaran is researching the burden of contact lenses fittings for patients with keratoconus and similar ocular diseases.

Corneal Collagen Cross-linkingDr. Uri Soiberman is exploring the outcomes of this minimally-invasive therapy that aims to slow down or stop the progression of  the corneal deformation due to keratoconus. Learn more about corneal collagen cross-linking.

Corneal InfectionsDr. Nakul Shekhawat is using cutting-edge imaging technology to study how corneal infections cause blindness, and whether new treatments can halt these diseases.

Corneal TransplantationLearn more about corneal transplant research.

Ebola Eye DiseaseDr. Allen Eghrari is conducting research into Ebola eye disease and how to treat it.

Fuchs DystrophyDr. Albert Jun is exploring the cellular causes and non-surgical treatments for Fuchs corneal dystrophy. Dr. Allen Eghrari is researching the epidemiology of Fuchs dystrophy and novel approaches to its treatment.

Global EyebankingDr. Shameema Sikder is working to establish an eye bank in Bangladesh. Learn more about her research.

Keratoconus - The causes of keratoconus and underlying pathogenic changes are poorly understood. The keratoconus research team, comprised of some of the most accomplished experts in research and clinical care, are trying to change that. Learn more about keratoconus research.

Lasers in Eye SurgeryDr. Yassine Daoud is exploring outcomes and additional uses of lasers in ocular surgery.

Ocular Surface and Dry Eye DiseaseDr. Esen Akpek is exploring alternative solutions to address the lack of access to corneal transplantation worldwide. Her laboratory research is centered on investigating the clinical and histopathological results of a novel artificial corneal device in rabbits. The aim is to produce a fully synthetic cornea to eliminate the need for human corneal donor tissue altogether. Learn more about current ocular surface disease and dry eye research.

Surgical Assessment and EducationDr. Shameema Sikder is exploring the use of technology to improve surgical assessment and education, beginning with applications in cataract surgery and partial-thickness cornea transplant procedures (DMEK).

Tissue EngineeringDr. Oliver Schein is developing cornea replacement tissue and related ocular materials through materials science and engineering approaches, such as leveraging stem cells, biomaterials and tissue-derived scaffolds to regenerate corneal endothelium. 

Technology and OphthalmologyDr. Allen Eghrari is focusing on the development of portable eye exams and validation of  mobile technology resources.


Cornea and Anterior Segment Research Faculty

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