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The Center of Excellence for Ophthalmic Surgical Education and Training

The Wilmer Eye Institute is known as a global leader in the field of ophthalmic training. Rapid advances in biomedical research, biotechnology, information technology and medical equipment and devices have created phenomenal new opportunities for ophthalmic surgery.

New surgical technologies and techniques have transformed the operating room, enabling the success of previously unthinkable interventions. Simultaneously, innovations in education technology offer exciting possibilities for teaching.

Establishing OphSET

The Center of Excellence for Ophthalmic Surgical Education and Training (OphSET) is spearheading Wilmer’s efforts to invigorate surgical education and training and to put into practice the latest technologies and techniques. OphSET leadership has collaborated with Johns Hopkins computer scientists to better assess surgical performance and plans to:

  • Develop innovative tools to help novice and experienced surgeons improve their skills.
  • Create ways to incorporate surgical simulation into education/training and patient care.
  • Utilize technology-assisted methods of analysis for both education/training and surgical innovations.
  • Draft new curricula for international dissemination.

More About OphSET

  • Our Education

    Explore how OphSET is using innovative technologies to transform ophthalmic education.

  • Our Partnerships

    Learn how OphSET will make advances in research, teaching and patient care through key partnerships.


OphSET Team

  • Shameema Sikder, M.D., OphSET Director

    Associate Professor of Ophthalmology
    Director, Center of Excellence for Ophthalmic Surgical Education and Training

    Shameema Sikder
  • Peter J. McDonnell, M.D., Faculty Advisor

    Professor of Ophthalmology
    Director of The Wilmer Eye Institute
    William Holland Wilmer Professor of Ophthalmology

    Peter J. McDonnell

Support OphSET

OphSET is seeking partners and philanthropic funding to quickly and effectively pursue our mission: to prepare leading ophthalmic surgeons at all levels in the delivery of the most advanced surgical care; to inspire and nurture expertise among ophthalmic surgeons, researchers, and educators; and thus to promote the highest quality surgical care in ophthalmology worldwide.

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