Telemedicine Changes and State Licensing Rules


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Johns Hopkins Medicine is committed to continuing our virtual care offerings for patients through MyChart and telemedicine. We are reviewing our providers’ medical licenses to identify states where our providers can see patients virtually.

As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, states are reverting back to rules that require providers to be licensed in the state where they practice medicine. For telemedicine visits, this means the provider must be licensed in the state where a patient is physically located at the time of the visit.

Message to our patients

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To ensure our telemedicine services meet state rules, Johns Hopkins Medicine will be making some important changes:

You will be asked where you will be during your telemedicine visit.

When you schedule your appointment, you’ll be asked which state you will be in during the time of your telemedicine visit. This will allow us to confirm that the scheduled care provider is licensed to practice medicine in the state where you will be located. If you will be in a different state than the one you provided at the time of scheduling, your provider may not be able to see you virtually.

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To best serve you, we are identifying providers that can offer telemedicine services in other states.

We are reviewing our providers’ medical licenses so that we can more easily identify providers that can see you virtually.

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