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Nutrition and Weight Management

Healthy Choices
A 10-week structured program to help you learn a non-diet lifestyle approach to weight management. A Suburban Hospital registered and licensed dietitian will help you get started on the best way to achieve a healthy body through nutrition, exercise and behavioral skills.

Healthy Weigh Series
Focusing on the building blocks of a healthy diet, you will explore the latest topics in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle issues that can affect weight management. Topics include portion size, making healthy menu choices when dining out, and bulking up on fiber rich food. Facilitated by a licensed and registered dietitian.

Healthy Cooking Series
Learn from a chef on how to prepare healthy and delicious meals. Example of possible classes include “The Mediterranean Pantry,” “Vegan 101,” “Dress Up Your Greens,” “Cooking with Food Trends,” and “Super Food Spotlight.” 

Nutrition One-on-One 
A registered and licensed dietitian will conduct a thorough health evaluation by creating a personalized nutrition, and exercise strategy to meet your specific health concerns. 

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