Orthopaedic Surgery for Sports Injuries

Our team of orthopaedic sports medicine specialists are trained and experienced in treating a wide variety of sports injuries in professional athletes and casual sports enthusiasts, ranging from overuse injuries such as tennis elbow to ACL tears and bone fractures. Our doctors use surgical and non-surgical treatments to get you back in the game safely.

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Keeping You in the Game

Whether you are a weekend warrior, a sports enthusiast or a career athlete, you deserve the best medical care to keep you achieving your goals. Our team of orthopaedic specialists offer tailored treatments to help you stay in the game you love.

Our Specialty Programs

  • Sports Medicine for Women

    Our team in the Women's Sports Medicine Program uses a collaborative approach to support and care for female athletes of all ages and levels of performance. 

  • Pediatric Sports Medicine

    Our pediatric orthopaedic specialists are specially trained in treating sports injuries and other health concerns in children, whose bodies are still developing.

  • Hip Preservation

    Our hip preservation experts offer minimally invasive treatments for hip pain due to hip labral tears, impingement and similar conditions that don't require a hip replacement.

  • Cartilage Regeneration

    Our cartilage regeneration experts help patients with chronic knee pain get back to the activities they enjoy, while delaying or eliminating the need for joint replacement.

Treatments and Procedures

Our sports medicine orthopaedic surgeons are experts in a variety of minimally invasive techniques, such as joint arthroscopy, as well as open surgeries and other treatments. Our goal is to help you get back as close as possible to your previous level of sport or activity. Learn more about the procedures we offer for sports-related conditions in our Health section:

Musculoskeletal Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Our doctors also offer platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, a minimally invasive, nonsurgical option that uses your body's resources to help boost the healing process.

Hear From Our Patients

ACL Tear | Michelle's Story

Elbow Surgery | Michael's Story

Meniscus Tear | Grace's Story

Not sure if you need surgery for your sports injury?

If you have undiagnosed pain or other symptoms, our primary care sports medicine specialists can help. They work with athletes of all levels to assess and diagnose injuries and provide nonsurgical treatments in coordination with physical therapists.

Our Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Experts

Our sports medicine specialists see teens into adulthood. They are specially trained in treating sports-related conditions affecting the bones, ligaments, tendons and joints.

  • Matthew Best, MD

    • Director of Research, Sports Medicine Division

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

  • Andrew J. Cosgarea, MD

    • The Drew Family Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in honor of Alec J. Cosgarea

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

  • Alex Johnson, MD

    • Director of Hip Preservation, Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

  • John H. Wilckens, MD

    • Medical Director for Orthopaedics at White Marsh

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Orthopedic Sports Medicine

Other Orthopaedic Doctors Who Treat Sports Injuries

  • Edward G. McFarland, MD

    • Wayne H. Lewis Professor of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Shoulder Orthopedic Surgery

  • Uma Srikumaran, MD MBA MPH

    • Chair, Johns Hopkins Orthopaedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins Howard County Medical Center

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Shoulder Orthopedic Surgery

  • Nirav Kirit Patel, MD MS

    Expertise: Orthopedic Surgery, Hip and Knee Orthopedic Surgery

Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialists

Our pediatric orthopaedic specialists are experienced in providing care for children with a wide range of sports-related conditions.

Other Members of the Sports Medicine Care Team

  • Primary Care Sports Medicine

    If surgery is not right for you, many conditions can be improved by following a structured rehabilitation plan under supervision of a primary care sports medicine doctor.

  • Rehabilitation Therapy

    We work alongside our sports rehabilitation therapists to provide you with a comprehensive recovery plan that accelerates your return to sport.

Care Locations

The Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedic Surgery offers many locations around Maryland and the Washington D.C. area, where our sports medicine specialists are ready to provide the best care for your injury or condition.

Women's Sports Medicine Summer Internship Program

Our summer internship, led by Alexis Coslick, M.D., allows pre-med and medical students to gain experience in diagnosing and treating sports injuries alongside highly qualified sports medicine primary care doctors, physical therapists and orthopaedic specialists.

Insights From Our Experts

Our sports medicine experts answer questions about common sports injuries, from prevention methods to treatment options.

Shoulder Injuries | Q&A with Edward McFarland, M.D.

Meniscus Injuries | Q&A with Andrew Cosgarea, M.D.

Dislocated Shoulder | Q&A with Alex Johnson, M.D.