Pediatric Sports Medicine

At Johns Hopkins, our team of orthopaedic specialists provide personalized, quality care to help young athletes overcome injuries. Whether your child is an aspiring gymnast, a rising football star, or just an active kid who got hurt, we can help you on every step, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. Our orthopaedic surgeons, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physical and occupational therapists work together to get your young athlete back on the field.

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Why Choose Johns Hopkins for Pediatric Sports Medicine

Convenient Locations

Our doctors see patients at many locations in Baltimore, Annapolis and the Washington D.C., area, and we have same and next day appointments in our clinics.

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Compassionate Care

We understand young athletes are in a crucial period of development, so we tailor treatment plans to their needs and help kids be kids as they recover. 

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Expert Treatments

From research-proven nonsurgical treatments to advanced surgical techniques, your child is in good hands with our experienced team. 

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Conditions We Treat

Our pediatric sports medicine team cares for children with a variety of sports-related conditions affecting the bones, ligaments, tendons, and joints. Learn more about these conditions in our Health section:



Foot and Ankle:

Our Team

Pediatric Sports Injury Experts

Our pediatric orthopaedic specialists and primary care physicians see children, teens, and young adults. They are specially trained in treating injuries and other health concerns in children, whose bodies are still developing. 

Aaron Brandt, M.D.

Expertise: Hip and Foot/Ankle Injuries
Dr. Brandt was a college basketball, volleyball, track athlete. He is our hip specialist specializing in sports hip injuries. Dr. Brandt also treats foot and ankle injuries, having worked with a foot coalition (abnormal connections between bones) throughout his athletic career.

Aaron Matthew Brandt, M.D.

Erin Honcharuk, M.D.

Expertise: Dance Injuries
Dr. Honcharuk trained as a classical ballet dancer and continued dancing in multiple styles through college and medical school. She treats dancers as well as conditions that may affect an athlete’s ability to perform to their highest level, including flat feet, tarsal coalitions, knock knees or bowing of the knees, in-toeing, and limb length discrepancies.

Erin Melissa Honcharuk, M.D.

R. Jay Lee, M.D.

Expertise: Knee Injuries
Dr. Lee specializes in the care of the young athlete, including ACL reconstruction, tibial spine fractures, pediatric meniscus tears and injuries to the discoid meniscus, complex ligament reconstruction in growing patients, and optimizing fracture care.

Rushyuan Jay Lee, M.D.

Paul Sponseller, M.D.

Expertise: Spine/Back Sports Injuries
Dr. Sponseller specializes in complex spine issues, including back-related sports injuries such as spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis.

Paul Sponseller, M.D.

Ranjit Varghese, M.D.

Expertise: Care of Differently Abled Athletes
Dr. Varghese specializes in the care of children with neuromuscular disorders, including differently abled athletes, such as those with cerebral palsy.

Ranjit Varghese, M.D.

Eva Seligman, M.D.

Expertise: Concussion, Musculoskeletal Injuries and Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Seligman is a primary care sports medicine specialist providing non-surgical care to school-aged and young adult athletes who experienced sports-related injuries such as concussions and injuries of the shoulder, elbow, hand/wrist, hip, knee and foot/ankle.

Eva Seligman headshot

Advanced Practitioners

Our physician assistants and nurse practitioners provide nonsurgical care to our pediatric patients.

Rebecca Campbell, P.A.-C.

Nurse practitioner assisting Ranjit Varghese, M.D.
Locations: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center and Odenton
Rebecca treats patients with upper and lower extremity issues. She enjoys establishing a relationship with her patients and believes that education is important in helping patients return to the activities they love. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys cooking, tennis, spending time outdoors and spending time with her family.

Rebecca Campbell, P.A.-C.

Melissa Fought, C.P.N.P, O.N.P.

Nurse practitioner assisting R. Jay Lee, M.D.
Locations: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center, Lutherville and White Marsh
Orthopedic medicine is important to Melissa as she wants patients to get back to all the activities they enjoy most. Melissa graduated in 2003 with her Master’s in Nursing and has worked in orthopedics since. Outside of work, her children keep her busy, but she also enjoys working out, traveling and outdoor activities.

headshot of Melissa Fought

Kristen Venuti, C.R.N.P.

Nurse practitioner assisting Paul Sponseller, M.D.
Locations: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center and Lutherville

photo of Kristen Venuti

Karen Wille, P.A.-C.

Nurse practitioner assisting Erin Honcharuk, M.D. and Aaron Brandt, M.D.
Locations: Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center, Columbia and Lutherville
Karen Wille received her master’s degree in physician assistant studies from Towson University in 2012. She has been working with pediatric patients as part of the Johns Hopkins department of orthopedic surgery for over 10 years. She loves helping young athletes get back to their sports. Karen is a former high school softball player and recreational flag football player. She is a half marathon runner and a wannabe golfer. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors, camping, and spending time with her husband, two daughters, and a golden retriever.

headshot of Karen Wille

Sports Medicine Specialists

Our sports medicine specialists see teens into adulthood. They are specially trained in treating a variety of sports injuries in professional athletes and casual sports enthusiasts.

Our Specialty Programs

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy

    Our team works closely with Johns Hopkins pediatric physical and occupational therapists to coordinate post-surgery rehabilitation or provide nonsurgical treatments when possible.

  • Concussion Clinic

    Pediatric neurologists, neuropsychologists and rehabilitation physicians at the Concussion Clinic at the Kennedy Krieger Institute evaluate and treat children who suffered a concussion, which is a risk that comes with certain sports.

Care Locations

The Johns Hopkins Department of Orthopaedic Surgery offers many locations around Maryland, Annapolis and the Washington D.C. area, where our pediatric sports medicine specialists are ready to provide the best care for your child.

Hear from Our Experts

Our team is here to answer your questions, offer support, and make you feel confident your child is receiving the best care. 

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