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Grade Appeals Policy


The components of evaluation in a course or clerkship should be transparent to the student and discussed at the start of the student’s experience.  Grades are generated by the course/clerkship director.  Should there be a disagreement about a grade in a course or clerkship, the student is to follow the guidelines below for grade appeals. 

  1. The first stage of a grade appeals process will be a meeting between the student and the course director.  The course director may also request any faculty preceptors involved in evaluating the student be present for this meeting.  At that time, the student will have an opportunity to voice his/her concern(s) about the grade which he/she received.  The course director will have the chance to review the criteria by which the final grade is determined and will be expected to answer any questions the student has.  The course director may elect to obtain additional information based upon what the student has said and would ultimately decide to maintain the original grade or submit an amended grade to the Registrar. 

  2. If dissatisfied with the results of the above, the student may appeal to the appropriate Promotions Committee (First and Second Year or Third and Fourth Year) by contacting the Office of the Vice Dean for Education.   The Committee will be chaired by the Vice Dean who will vote only in the case of a tie.  The Associate Dean/Registrar, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, and the Assistant Dean for Minority Affairs will be non-voting ex-officio members.  The student will be asked to provide information regarding the grounds for the grade appeal and will be given an opportunity to address the Committee if they so desire.  The course director involved will not be allowed a vote in the matter and will be excused for the period of debate and voting after being given a chance to address the Committee.  After consideration, the Committee will advise the Vice Dean for Education of any changes merited.  Two standards will be employed by the Committee in evaluating the appeal which could lead to a recommended amendment:

    if the grade is not found to reflect valid and consistent academic performance standards or criteria, or the considered academic judgment of the course director;

    if the grade is found to be based upon impermissible criteria beyond performance, achievement, and effort such as gender, race, age, or other factors as delineated in the policy on Teacher Learner Relationships.

  3. The student may appeal an adverse decision to the Dean of the Medical School by notifying him/her in writing within 7 days of the decision.  The Dean’s review will be limited to review of procedural integrity and his/her decision will be final.