Resources for New Postdoctoral Research Fellows

Information for New SOM Postdocs

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs hosts an information session for new postdocs every other month together with the JHPDA. Access slides from the March 31st session using your JHED ID. See JHM YouTube video featuring Dr. Roy Ziegelstein, Vice Dean for Education, discussing the role of school of medicine research postdocs.

Additional Resources

Resources for International Postdocs

Office of International Services

International trainees are served by the Office of International Services (OIS). They offer help with immigration, visa status, and legal matters. The can also offer resources for adjusting to life in the U.S. Visit the OIS Website.

Professional Development Resources for International Trainees

The Professional Development & Career Office website lists options for training in communications, grant writing, and preparing for careers after the postdoc. Learn more here.

JHU Holiday Educational Resource Reference

An educational resource guide to observed JHU holidays can be found here

Research Training Resources

Individual Development Plans (IDPs)

All JHU postdoctoral fellows are required to have an IDP and to meet annually with their mentor to discuss IDP goals. In 2022, the School of Medicine implemented an online IDP tracking system for postdocs and their faculty PIs to use to sign and submit verification of IDP compliance with JHU requirements. Postdocs are automatically notified of their IDP submission due date each year. Once postdocs have met with their PI/mentors, they complete an online IDP checklist that both the postdoc and their PI/mentors sign and submit online. For questions, please contact our office ([email protected]). To learn more about the IDP requirement, including due dates and resources to customize your IDP meeting, visit our IDP page.

Funding your Postdoc Research

Available Funding Opportunities

Grant Writing

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs co-hosts an advance K-Grant Award Writing Workshop with PDCO three times throughout the year. These events will be posted on our homepage as they become available. An overview of the K-Grant writing workshop can be found here.

Statistics Consulting

JHU offers several resources for postdoctoral research fellows to access for statistics consulting. Read about the different options available.

National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

JHU is an institutional member of NCFDD, which grants you access to their resources at no cost. Sign up here. Please note that you must format your email address as (rather than when you sign up. Find more information about what they offer for postdocs.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

All postdoctoral fellows who engage in research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are required to complete RCR training. NIH requires a minimum of 8 hours of RCR training to be completed every 4 years. RCR requirements can be fulfilled through a combination of online training, didactic sessions, and panel discussions to meet federal guidelines. To learn more, visit Responsible Conduct of Research Program page from the Office of Policy Coordination.

Topics covered by the RCR program include: Research Misconduct, Data Acquisition and Management, Human Subjects Protections, Animal Welfare, Mentoring, Authorship, Conflicts of Interest, Collaborative Research, Peer Review, and Scientist as a Responsible Member of Society. 

The three components of the RCR training program are:


JH Data Services Courses for RCR Credit

JH Data Services occasionally schedule courses postdoctoral fellows can take for RCR credit. When courses are available the information will be available here.

For more information and registration, please contact JH Data Services. For more information about School of Medicine RCR training requirements visit the RCR Program website.

Requirements for Grant Submissions


Professional and Career Development Opportunities and Resources

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs co-hosts a number of research training events with the PDCO including an advanced K-Grant writing workshop. More information can be found here

The PDCO offers a number of professional development and career opportunities for JHU postdocs, including career support services, the Academic Job Search Toolkit, and the Leadership Development Toolkit

Check out the Teaching Academy Training Resources page, which serves as a hub for past recorded workshops, courses, trainings and more!

Career Counseling

Postdoctoral fellows can make appointments for individual career counseling (matters relating to career exploration, job searches and applications, resumes, CVs, and cover letters, etc.) either by booking appointments with the PDCO through their online career services platform Handshake. Other inquiries about fellowship-specific advising not related to career counseling should be directed to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

Parking and Transportation