Open Postdoctoral Fellowship Positions at SOM-JHU

Below are current postdoctoral fellowship positions that are open at SOM-JHU. For additional details on an open position, contact the primary faculty on the listing.

Basic Science/Translational Immunology Laboratory

An exciting Post-doctoral Research Fellowship at Johns Hopkins is available with the opportunity to work and train in a basic science/translational immunology laboratory focused on monocyte-macrophage biology, cytokine signaling, sex differences in lung disease including asthma and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Train with a seasoned investigator/mentor with a long history of post-doctoral mentorship and high-impact publications.

You will be using molecular and cellular biology/biochemistry approaches in primary human (patient) samples, cell lines, and mouse models for studies of signal transduction, immunology, inflammation in the lung.  We have exciting new projects in novel engineered cytokines and more that are just beginning!

The candidate must be a recent (within the last 2 years) Ph.D. in Basic Science/Immunology. A strong background in immunology and multicolor (10-color +) flow cytometry expertise is a requirement. Strong in vitro skills (mammalian tissue culture, si/shRNA, ChIP, epigenetics, signaling, etc.); at least two peer-reviewed publications, must be highly motivated, productive and energetic.

Please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Nikki Heller, at [email protected] with your CV.