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Know Your Credit

Good credit can open doors to buying a home or a car, but credit can also come with some risks if you do not understand the specific terms and conditions or abuse your power to make purchases with credit.

Before you obtain a credit card it is extremely important to weigh the benefits and the risks to make sure it is in your best interest to do so.

Helps in emergenciesHigh fees
ConvenientHigh interest rates
Easy for internet purchasesShort or no grace period
Required for car rentalLeads to impulse purchases
Safer than carrying cashCan lead to bad credit if not used properly
Possible travel & cash back rewardsConfusing credit terms

Credit Report Websites

All US residents may receive one credit report from each bureau annually. Contact the three credit bureau reporting agencies below to request your copy.

Additional Credit Resources

AAMC Credit Resources

Financial Literacy Resources


Financial Aid Answers 24/7

The Johns Hopkins financial aid video portal offers financial aid videos in English, Spanish and Chinese.


Financial Fitness for Johns Hopkins Students

This website offers students financial planning tools and resources in various formats, such as workshops, webinars, courses, podcasts, and online exercises.

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