Award Notice Process

students walking in a courtyard

Awarding for new students will begin March 15 and for continuing students, May 1. Awarding for graduate PhD students will begin July 1. Program specific information is listed below.

Students will be notified to accept or decline their awards through the SIS Self-Service module. Continuing students will be notified by e-mail using their assigned JHED email address. New students will be notified using the email address submitted at time of admission if a JHED email address has not been assigned.

For more information regarding the Financial Aid Self-Service module, click here.

Program-Specific Information

Please select the appropriate link for additional information specific to your academic program.

Financial Aid Award Guides

The Financial Aid Award Guides will serve as a resource for all students to help in the understanding of your financial aid notification letter. Click on the appropriate award guide below to view a PDF of financial aid information specific to your award: