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Debt Management

Dr. Semenza with students in his lab

Loan borrowing is a necessary part of graduate education.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Financial Aid Office is well aware that students must borrow loans to assist with funding their education.  Although low-interest educational loans are made available to students, the fact is, that it is a loan and “loans must be repaid."

Over $8M in loans are borrowed each year by students in the School of Medicine. The table below outlines the average graduating debt of our students over the last several years.  Although the average debt amount is well below the national average for private medical schools, many students still need sound debt management education to help with understanding their options for repayment of the loans.

It is the goal of the Financial Aid Office to help students make responsible decisions about borrowing and repayment of their loans and to provide the necessary tools to make informed and knowledgeable decisions about their future.

Graduating ClassAverage Debt - JHU SOMNational Average - Private

 Note: Students who receive no scholarship funding and borrow loans for their 4 years of medical school, graduate with an average loan debt of $180,000 - $200,000. These numbers include medical student debt only.

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