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Office of Financial Aid

Welcome to The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We applaud your dedication to further your education.

Medical school can be a challenging proposition wherever you choose to enroll. But, the commitment Johns Hopkins makes to helping students manage the cost of their education can make a difference.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine is committed to providing financial assistance to all eligible students who qualify based on the availability of funds and demonstrated financial need. We work with each student to explore options for making a Johns Hopkins medical education possible.

The Financial Aid Office administers more than $40M in aid each year in the form of loans, grants, work, scholarship, and graduate funding support. Funding is provided through federal, state, and institutional resources. Approximately 85% of students who apply receive some form of financial assistance to help pay toward their educational expenses.

In addition to funding support, the Financial Aid Office, in cooperation with JHU Student Assistance Program, offers financial planning and debt management counseling and workshop services to help students manage their loan borrowing and make informed decisions about their financial well being.

Use the links on the left to explore the information available to assist you in the financial aid application process. You will find financial aid applications and instructions, deadline information, external resource information, and answers to frequently asked questions.