Faculty Policies


This collection of important Johns Hopkins School of Medicine policies is not a complete compendium of institutional policies affecting faculty and students. Documented elsewhere are other policies of importance to faculty and students, such as Policies and Guidelines Governing Appointments, Promotions, and Professional Activities; Guidelines of the Joint Committee on Clinical Investigation; Use of Experimental Animals; and the School of Medicine Intellectual Property Guidelines. Moreover, policies specific to each of the hospitals of the Johns Hopkins Health System may apply to faculty and student activities at those institutions.

Although these policies relate primarily to faculty, student activities are also subject to some of the policies (e.g., Rules and Guidelines for Responsible Research, and Grievance Procedures). The revised Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest, which was effective June 1, 1994, replaces the Policy on Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest, effective June 8, 1992.

Questions regarding these policies should be referred to the following offices:

Conflict of Interest/Commitment
Office of Policy Coordination
Phone: 410-516-5560
Email: [email protected]

Responsible Conduct of Research
Vice Dean for Research
Phone: 410-955-2411

Procedures for Dealing with Professional Misconduct
Vice Dean for Research
Phone: 410-955-2411

Grievance Procedure
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Phone: 410-955-8401

Statement on Gender Neutrality

The use of the male gender in these Policies shall be interpreted as relating to the female gender as well.