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SOM Faculty Members who are Offered Appointments at Foreign and Domestic Institutions

Guidance and Approval Process for Faculty Members who are Offered Appointments at Foreign and Domestic Institutions

Submission Instructions

Presentation Given at 4/24/2019 Advisory Board Meeting

  • You do not need to report a foreign component for work done, even by a foreign visitor, in your laboratory here. If the post docs will return their home country after time in your laboratory and may continue to work on the NIH work scope after return to their home country, this is a foreign component. If you publish a paper after that visitor returns to their home country, for which they are properly named as a co-author, be sure to make clear in the publication that all work was done by the visitor while present at JHU.

  • Yes. If work on your federal award is occurring outside the US a request for foreign component is required. Please work with your designated Grant Associate to request the required approval from the federal sponsor.

  • PHS-funded investigators and investigators who are applying for PHS support must disclose in eDisclose any travel reimbursement or other travel support that is worth $5,000 or more from any single foreign entity (including universities, government agencies, companies, etc.) over a twelve month period. Because it is unlikely that the travel cost of any international business trip will total less than $5,000, unless you know that your expenses were below this amount, it is always advisable to disclose this support through the JHU eDisclose portal and allow the staff in the Office of Policy Coordination to help you manage an individual circumstance

  • It depends. Funds received from providing international clinical or advisory work through a Johns Hopkins Medicine International contract, where funds are provided to the school or department for programmatic support and not personal remuneration, do not need to be reported through eDisclose. If the money (including travel reimbursement) is paid directly to the faculty  personally and is attributable to work done on behalf of a foreign university, foreign research institute or foreign government agency it must be disclosed in eDisclose.

  • Yes, you must follow this process. You will also have to disclose any compensation or travel reimbursement through eDisclose, and you will also have to disclose the appointment and all associated duties and compensation as Other Support or Current and Pending Support on your federal grant applications.

    You will also need to provide copies of any contracts or agreements specific to the foreign appointment to ORA for submission to the NIH with your Other Support disclosure.  If the contracts or agreements are not in English, you will need to obtain translated copies.

    Please go to this website for more information on grant disclosure requirements: JHURA Foreign Engagement



Updated 5/2021

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