On-Campus Programs

Admissions period dates by program:

Graduate programs will appear on the application when their application period opens.  Opening and closing dates for the application period are listed here by graduate program: 

Graduate Program Application Opens Application Deadline

Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology (PhD)
Biomedical Engineering (PhD)
Biological Chemistry (PhD)
Cellular and Molecular Medicine (PhD)
Functional Anatomy and Evolution (PhD)
Human Genetics (PhD)
Immunology (PhD)
Neuroscience (PhD)
Pathobiology (PhD)
Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences (PhD)
XDBio (PhD)

9/1/2024 12/3/2024
Cellular and Molecular Physiology (PhD)
9/1/2024 12/8/2024
Health Science Informatics (PhD)
History of Medicine (PhD)
9/1/2024 12/15/2024
Medical Physics (MS) 9/1/2024 2/1/2025
Clinical Anaplastology (MS)
Medical and Biological Illustration (MA)
9/1/2024 2/21/2025
Health Sciences Informatics Research (MS) 9/1/2024 2/15/2025
Critical Approaches in Science, Technology, and Medicine 9/1/2024 3/1/2025
Applied Health and Science Informatics (MS)
9/1/2024 3/15/2025
Anatomy Education (MS) 9/1/2024 6/1/2025