Undergraduate Medical Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee

Established by the dean of the medical faculty, the Undergraduate Medical Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (UMEPCC) is a standing committee of the school of medicine and the institutional body responsible for the overall design, management and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated medical school curriculum associated with the medical degree and other related educational priorities.

The UMEPCC examines a wide range of issues including, but not limited to, these aspects of the medical school curriculum:

  • Sequencing segments of the curriculum within and across the academic periods of study (horizontal and vertical integration)
  • Methods of pedagogy and student assessment
  • Evaluation of course and program effectiveness
  • Content and workload in each discipline to identify omissions and unwanted redundancies
  • Stated objectives of individual courses and clerkships, as well as methods of pedagogy and student evaluation

The UMEPCC is responsible for approving any substantive changes to the medical school curriculum as well as plans for implementation of said changes. No substantive changes can be made to the curriculum without this approval.

From time to time, the UMEPCC may also consider other issues related to the medical school curriculum.

Information for UMEPCC Members