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Sibley Hospitalist Service Team

Sibley hospitalists are a team of internal medicine physicians who provide effective and high quality care for Sibley patients 24/7. They are experienced health care providers who practice solely at Sibley and address health care needs quickly, safely and efficiently. They communicate directly with your primary care physicians and specialists to coordinate care throughout your hospital stay and your transition home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Sibley’s hospitalist service?

Hospitalists are available 24-hours-a-day to provide care, answer questions, adjust your treatment plan and respond to medical emergencies. They are familiar with Sibley’s systems, services and staff, leading to a highly responsive experience for you and your family. They coordinate directly with your primary care physicians and specialists to ensure you receive seamless care during your hospital stay and through your transition home. 

How do Hospitalists work with my primary care physician?

Sibley hospitalists work with your primary care physician from admission through discharge. Once you are admitted, a hospitalist will contact your physician immediately to inform them of your medical condition, learn about your recent medical problems and obtain pertinent medical history. While at Sibley, your hospitalist updates your physician daily on your condition. If you require a specialist consultation, hospitalists refer your care to a specialist recommended by your physician. At discharge, hospitalists send your physician complete medical summaries to ensure smooth continuation of care.

Will I see more than one hospitalist?

Because our hospitalists work as a team, you likely will see more than one hospitalist during your stay. Before every shift change, the hospitalists convene to review your medical history, current condition and treatment plan to ensure the full team is updated on your current care plan.

Meet the Sibley Hospitalists

Michael Lee, M.D., Director
James Bulen, M.D.
Amy Chused, M.D.
Huley Shumpert Dickert, M.D.
Amee Garg, M.D.
Pooja Gupta, M.D.
Aurell Z. Horing, M.D.
Rishi Kumar, M.D.
Hamid Lari, M.D.
Alexander D'Amico Reisner, M.D.
Pratima Thotakura, M.D.
Aarati Yelamanchili, M.D.

Contact Information

Phone: 202-547-4342

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